The First Day

About This Project

This dance and experimental video is meant as an hommage to Elizabeth Ann Eckford and the other members of the Little Rock Nine. Those nine black students enrolled at Central High in Little Rock Arkansas to protest against racial segregation on september 4th, 1957.


Director: Barnaby Roper
Production: Catwizard Films & Cadence Films & Uturn PH
D.O.P: Simon Turnbull
Editor: Jean-Philippe Mure
VFX Supervisor: Yves Bosson
3D Artist: Edin Hadzic, Max Pasquiou
2D Artist: Serge Miot
Compositing: Johann Roche
Animator: Thomas Arnould
Rotoscoping: Ludovic Voltaire, Margaux le Neures
Grading: Sylvain Canaux
Post-producer: Jean-Marc Raygade
Music: Flying Lotus
Dancer: Kendie Jones


The First Day